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You've Got Mail

"You've got mail."

It was the early 2000s. A young, 13 year old me spent hours at the computer sending e-mails to Aunt Judy and reading her replies.

Life was hard. My family had left all we had known in the US to live as missionaries in South America. We were in experiencing culture shock, struggling to learn a new language, and missing everything that was home. I was angry and struggling to find my footing in a new, unwanted normal.

Aunt Judy was a missionary who lived in a neighboring country with her husband, Uncle Al. We weren't related by blood, but missionaries share a special bond with each other. We become family. My mom had encouraged me to write to Aunt Judy so that I could have someone to help me through the transition.

I poured my heart out to her frequently. Though she was a woman who made many investments in others, she willingly made another sacrifice for a lost girl. As I tried to outwardly live up to what I thought an MK was supposed to be, Aunt Judy became a safe place to confide the ugly raw that was within. Many letters of encouragement and comfort were sent to my inbox.

Time passed and our paths eventually diverged. Still, I never forgot Aunt Judy and how God used her to impact my life.

Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see Uncle Al and Aunt Judy online. I'm so thankful that because today, after 7 years of physical suffering, she was welcomed Home. She was a hero of the faith, a servant, and an example to me even now of loving Jesus until it's all been said and done.

Please pray for Uncle Al and their family as he rejoices her freedom from a broken world, but grieves for his beloved.

And, Aunt Judy, thanks for the mail. You made a difference.

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