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Will We Have the Courage?

Everyone loves a riveting story. What makes a good tale? Is it the setting, character, plot, or theme? The final destination is probably the most anticipated element. We can’t go anywhere without first embarking on the journey that makes the bulk of a book. It’s the odyssey from beginning to end that creates a life story.

In the library of humanity, many books lay forgotten on dusty, crowded shelves. Others are heavily censored by Fear, Shame, Pride, and even Necessity. There are classics and best-sellers that give inspiration, but I think most biographies are never told at all.

Maybe you believe yours is “insignificant” or “too messy.” It’s true that discretion and wisdom are needed when sharing. Some pages need never leave the trusted Beta group or editing room. When it’s time to publish, though, we need to understand that the greatness of the Author is made known when we share.

If we are His children, our stories are significant because they are His – WE are His. We are stories of unbelievable forgiveness, grace, and unending love. We are stories of redemption and transformation. Our stories aren’t perfect and sometimes the plot looks twisted beyond repair, but we have confidence in the promise of the end. We carry a hope that, if not today, there will be a “happily ever after” beyond our wildest dreams.

We all have a story.

The question is, will we have the courage to share it?

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