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When Ya Know Ya Gotta...

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Sometimes we have to face our fears. It can mean the risk losing face with a human audience, but the gain of trusting God with the outcome is worth it.

Earlier this weeks I released a video post on the blog to share the latest podcast episode. It was a tough to be so intentionally vulnerable with no way of knowing what kind of responses might come my way.

But the story isn't about me and sharing it isn't for me.

This discussion matters. I know that now more than ever thanks to the brave souls who have since reached out. The thing about this particular wilderness place is the lie that we are in it alone. Discussion destroys the illusion and cripples the fear.

On my social media sites, I followed up. If you're not on social media, I want to make sure you're included. This is what I wrote:

When standing among other people (especially Believers), I often wonder who might be struggling with things like depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts in silence. Too often we live in mute mode and avoid uncomfortable subjects. The Enemy delights in silence and isolation.

Though I asked hard questions and said challenging things this week, please hear my heart for God and His people. We need to start taking these difficulties to the One who will meet us and lead us through the darkest of wilderness places. We need to be bold enough to get honest with each other so that we can better encourage and live on mission. Strength isn't found in the pride of hiding or bearing of the mess alone, but in the humility of revealing our need for Christ and others.

Even if you don't agree or can't understand the wilderness place, I ask that you consider the ONE person that might desperately need our dialogue. Too many people fear the harsh judgment that is often far too real. I ask that you contemplate how a willingness to truly listen and an how a heart seeking to understand might make all the difference for someone else.

Have courage, dear heart.

Let it begin with me. Let it begin with us.

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