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When God Parts the Waters – Part Two


After the previous night, Sunday morning sunlight was a welcomed sight. We were ready to face the day.

There is a six hour drive between my parents and us.  They had pulled into our driveway in the wee hours of the morning and managed to sleep for about an hour before life erupted in our house.  Stitch and Jack Jack were excited to see their grandparents unexpectedly!

My mom blessed us by watching Stitch and Jack-Jack for most of the day.  Eric and my dad soon joined Spock and me at the hospital.  As we waited for the surgery, we marveled at how everything was working out.

My dad is a pastor. Leaving town unexpectedly on a Saturday night is not an ideal situation for him or the church.  However, he had just returned to town from a trip. As a result, someone else was already prepared to preach Sunday morning in his place.

My mom was planning to visit my sister next week to help with some baby preparations. That trip and Spock’s originally scheduled surgery overlapped.  My sister is one of the most giving people I know.  Kelsey did not hesitate to encourage mom to come be with us instead even though it would be a challenge to reschedule.  The surgery being moved five days earlier than expected made both trips a possibility.

God knew.  He knew what was best for Spock, my parents, and our family.  He had parted the frightening waters of unknowns and made a way. As always, His timing was immaculate.

My dad was the perfect distraction for Spock as he waited to be taken to Pre-Op.  They drew Star Wars battles and made chickens out of inflated rubber gloves.


It was in Pre-Op, after hearing from the Anesthesiologist, that we saw Spock’s anxiety rise the most.  We prayed together.  My dad talked about King David and how, when he was afraid, he would say, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you” (Psalm 56:3). It was awesome to assure Spock that the doctor and nurses he had were specially chosen for that moment.  We could trust God’s presence, goodness, and faithfulness in all circumstances just like King David.

The surgery was a success.  He was kept overnight for observation due to the sleep apnea. Spock enjoyed getting to play the hospital’s Wii games and eating all the treats he wanted.


We are already seeing great benefits for Spock.  He can breathe easily at all times! He no longer snores at all!  His color is back!  He wants to eat!  We have missed our normal boy and look forward to watching him regain strength with each passing day!

In the meantime, he is holding us to our promises of unlimited popsicles and ice cream… and we couldn’t be happier to keep our word!


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