• Ashley

To My Warriors

There's a story of a great army attacking the Israelites. Moses stood on a hilltop overlooking the battle with a staff in his hands. As long as he held his hands up the battle was in their favor but, if he lowered his hands, the enemy would begin to prevail. If you've ever tried to hold your arms out or up even with a few pounds of weight, then you know how quickly they tire. Here's my favorite part of the story, two men stood at Moses' side, sat him on a rock, and supported his hands until the end of day.

Every season and year presents its own set of challenges. This past year has been no exception. In the midst of hurt, God has revealed fear in my heart and my tendency to run away from community and into an empty "safe room." But isolation isn't the Father's design and makes us vulnerable to the Enemy's attacks.

There are individuals who gift and love me with their friendship. They bravely knock on my door of silence and choose to surround me as warriors in a raging battle. They are friends that have wept with me, encouraged with Truth, prayed when I didn't have words, challenged me in ways that result in growth, and love through it all. They have, in various ways, supported and steadied me so that the battle wasn't lost. They allow me to do the same.

To my sisters - I am grateful for you. I love you forever.

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