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Thoughts From a Bad Patient

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

"Ain't nobody got time for that."⁣

That phrase has been my theme. This past week I was the sickest I've been for awhile. It probably didn't help that I pushed through the first three days in a haze of denial until physical misery won. A visit with a doctor, meds, and my weary body forced a rest. Ugh. My first reaction was the annoyance of it all when there are things to be done. Then came the lament of having to "waste" time in bed.

I'm a horrible patient. ⁣

Despite the pity party, God showed up with an important lesson. I'm taking notes and want to share them with those of you who, like myself, are used to a healthy normal.⁣

What if sick days aren't a waste at all? Yes, it's important to give the body time to rest and recover, but what if there's more to it? You see, as I've laid in bed, God brought some faces and names to mind. ⁣

Most of us know people who struggle with chronic illnesses. When it first begins, it's easy to keep them on the forefront of our thoughts. But as the days, months, and even years pass by we sometimes forget those in valleys of physical hardship. ⁣

What if a forced stop, like the one I'm currently experiencing, is actually a scheduled event to remember and pray for those who are experiencing more than a handful of days of physical inconvenience? What if this time was a way for God to give a heightened sense of awareness for others suffering, renewed compassion, and a moment to bring their names before Him?⁣

That perspective changed my attitude about this bed that, suddenly, seems like an opportunity. Maybe the thing I needed to make time for the most this weekend was something that wouldn't have happened on a healthy day. Maybe the people I needed to make time for in prayer wouldn't have come to mind in the midst of my normal. God knows. ⁣

To my friends going through various physical difficulties, you were remembered and prayed over.⁣

To the rest of us (especially those in the "bad patient" category), maybe we can learn to react better to "disruptions" like sickness. Sometimes it's exactly what we need for the All-Knowing One to help us make time for what's truly important at just the right moment.

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