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There Was Once A Very Hungry Caterpillar…

We home school (I will post on that in the near future) and our unit for the week focused on butterflies.  It has been one of our favorite units.  We’re waiting until the weather warms to order caterpillars for our butterfly garden but, until then, I didn’t think there could be a better time to take a trip to a Butterfly House in a nearby city.

We are close with our neighbors and they are wonderful friends.  One of our neighbors, Vallerie, has a season pass to the house and generously offered to take us and another neighbor, Diane.  We had never been before and were so excited.

Unlike the week before in which we had snow on the ground, the weather jumped up into the sixties!  It was the perfect day to be outside!


The kids were fascinated with the large sculpture of a butterfly but it was the large concrete caterpillar that caught their eye!  They were able to climb and play on it to their hearts content!


The Butterfly House was FULL of morpho buttlerflies.  I lived in the rain forest for a few years when I was a teenager and we used to see the morpho flying from time to time.  It is my favorite butterfly.


H, the child who loves frogs and bugs, was terrified of the butterflies.  We wore bright clothing because it increases the chance that the butterfly will land on you.  Of all of us, the H was the one that had the opportunity to experience a butterfly resting on his clothing.

L wanted to run wild and free through the house but we had to keep him near.  There were so many butterflies and we had to be careful not to step on them.

It was an amazing experience (for most of us) to walk through the house and see the vibrant flashes of the blue wings flying past.


Once we were done, we enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine and a ride on a carousel.

It was a fun field trip and a great time of making memories with friends!

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