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  • Ashley

The Walls We Build

Not every relationship is created equal.

Wisdom calls us to correctly perceive the audience. We need the Holy Spirit's guidance if boundaries are needed. But there is a difference between a boundary and a wall between people.

Boundaries are the result of God-given discernment. It's honoring Him as the authority in convictions and interactions. It's practicing love for the other while also teaching them how to love and treat us in return. Some boundaries are simple markers to show the way. Others are fences that communicate how far to go.

Walls are very different. Walls result from anger, pride, unforgiveness, or fear from experiencing hurt. Proverbs says that a brother offended is "more unyielding than a strong castle." When fortresses are constructed, thick calluses on the heart form that seem impossible to soften.

But Immanuel. Jesus came to be with and among us - people unworthy and undeserving. He experienced rejection, betrayal, and death to rescue ones who would never love Him first. Jesus made a way to be in a relationship with Him while also showing us what it looks like to be in relationship with others.

God with us - drawing us to himself.

God among us - drawing us to others.

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