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The Skull


We live in a snowy region. Since he has a 40 minute drive to work, Eric thought it was time to consider a 4-wheel drive option.

He is not one to make rash decisions but carefully researches options. He wanted a jeep and, since we need something to accommodate our family, he chose a Jeep Cherokee.

Eric showed me some used jeeps that he was considering online. They looked reliable and sensible.

He mentioned one that had a skull on the hood. I didn’t need to see a picture before forming an opinion. We’re not pirates. I told Eric I didn’t think that one would be a good idea, especially since we have three boys looking up to him. (I’m not a fan of all the skull clothing for little boys, etc.)

A few days later, Eric went to look at a jeep. I didn’t bother to ask to see a picture. I mean, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. He decided he wanted to get it and asked me to drop him off at the location to pick it up.

We pulled up. There it sat. It barely resembled the jeeps he had shown me online. All I could see was hillbilly hell in the form of a jeep. It was covered in mud, but I could make out that it was two different colors and had undergone some serious plastic surgery by a redneck physician.


Eric’s smile was so big but I couldn’t find it in my heart to say anything. Instead, I sat in the driver seat of his car with a plastic smile plastered to my face. I willed my eyes to stay the same size as he waved back at me from the jeep.

The jeep roared to life and I was soon following Eric home.

Later that night, he asked me what I thought about the jeep. “I mean, it is kind of redneck,” he admitted.

We’re almost ten years into marriage. I can’t hold back the way I used to as a young bride. The truth was that I was “glad he has something 4-wheel drive, but that jeep is ugly.”

“But,” I said in an attempt to soften the blow of my words, “At least it’s not the SKULL jeep. THAT would be the cherry on top.”

That’s about the time I noticed he was looking a lot like a deer in headlights.

“Eric!” I squealed, “Please tell me it ISN’T the skull jeep!!!!!”

“Well, you didn’t say NO to the skull jeep,” Eric exclaimed.

“Oh. My. Word!!!! You didn’t! I thought saying it wouldn’t be a good idea with the boys was a pretty good indication that I wasn’t on board with it!”

Apparently, in our years together, I have been unable to grasp the fact that men do not interpret hints.

Eric quickly tried to reassure me that all was still well, despite the skull decorating the big, red hood.


“It’s not a big deal. I’ll just spray paint it,” he said.

I huffed in disbelief, threw my hands up in the air, and said with great exasperation, “Yeah, because SPRAY PAINT on a vehicle is going to make it better!”

Eric wanted to park the jeep in the driveway in all it’s glory. My eyes definitely did not stay the same size at that suggestion.

We reached a compromise.

To the boys great delight, Eric still owns “The Skull” (as I affectionately refer to the jeep). However, it is safely hidden away in the garage.

For now.


Boys never grow up… but, still, you gotta love ’em.

At least the snow shouldn’t be a problem when Eric drives “The Skull!”

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