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The End Was Just The Beginning

Everybody seems to want a happily-ever-after ending to their story, but it seems like most are still waiting for theirs.

Many are in some variation of hard. There is pain, anxiousness, weariness, discouragement, depression, loneliness, frustration, and even hopelessness. We live in a broken world and often feel it keenly. Christ-followers can forget the happily-ever-after that makes all the difference in how we experience and respond to the hard.

This is one reason I love Easter. I need to be reminded of the darkest moment when Jesus took his last breath on the cross. I wonder what it would have been like to have witnessed the final arrangements and to see the tomb sealed with hope inside. I wonder if His friends cried until they couldn't physically shed another tear. I wonder if they felt angry as they considered why and how things could have ended in that way. I wonder if they curled up in a ball in the darkness of night and covered themselves in the heaviness of sorrow. I wonder if they struggled to breathe from the fear of not knowing the future. His friends faced the horror of believing “happily-ever-after” was just a fairy tale after all.

As this weekend passes we have the benefit of knowing what would come, but sometimes we live as if we don’t. We get caught up in a tailspin of trials that we start to believe will overwhelm and destroy. It’s not uncommon to be encouraged to “take it to the cross,” but perhaps we should throw it in the tomb that wasn't made to remain empty.

When His followers ran from the tomb that couldn’t hold Jesus, they left behind the grief, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness they had carried for three days. They rejoiced. Jesus had defeated death, sin, and brokenness. He changed their lives and world forever. My friend, if you have repented of your sin and asked Him to save you, He has done the same for you! And, if you haven't, He will if you'll ask (Romans 10:9,13).

We are not promised a life of ease, but we are promised His presence through it all (Matthew 28:20). That is the difference between our trials now and days before the first Easter. We don’t have to live afraid. He is with us. We don’t have to run and hide. He is victorious. We don’t have to wonder what will come next. He already told us.

It’s time to live like we believe it!

Celebrate. Be courageous. Live on mission even in the valley. The story isn’t over yet. The ultimate happily-ever-after is yet to come. Death was conquered. The end was just the beginning. Jesus is coming back. Until then, let’s make good use of the time. Let’s do what He called us to do and share the Hope that is within us.

Our Savior is alive!

Who will you tell?

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