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So... It's Women's Day?

Okay, I'm not usually one to jump on the random, special days that come across the calendar. (Unless it's Ice Cream Day. Sign me up for that anytime!)

But International Women's Day was hard to ignore because God has crossed my path with many women over the years. Like a slideshow, I see faces and hear their names. Most of all, I recall stories. Each has made an impact in one way or another.

Some were nurturers.

Some were childhood playmates.

Some were friends.

Some were teachers.

Some were steady presence.

Some were a gift of heartbreak.

Some were honorary mothers, grandparents, aunts, and sisters.

Some were wise words of correction or encouragement.

Some were examples of faith.

Some were a hard lesson.

Some were a safe place.

Some were a listening ear and voice of Truth.

Some were examples of faith.

Some were there for a season, and others a lifetime.

All were a tool of grace in loving Hands.

God has used them to draw me to Himself. Past and present, He uses other women from various stages of life to plant a desire deep in my heart. The hope isn't to become like them (no matter how wonderful), but more like Him. That makes their influence a beautiful present that I long to give back to others.

Thank God today for the women He has used in your life.

Ask Him to make YOU a godly reflection of Him in the lives around you.

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