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Showers of Blessing

Our family made THE move a few weeks ago!  I’m excited to share that story with you but, as we continue to settle in the meantime, I want to share a lesson learned.

Eric had moved out of state to begin his new job and to figure out our housing situation while the rest of us remained behind.  There was no way for us to know how long we would be apart.  Eric was enduring the stress of moving to a new place, beginning a new job, and the pressure of finding a place for his family to live.

The boys were coping with Dad being gone (two were too young to understand why) and were watching their home being packed away for a move that was coming “soon.”

I was juggling the challenges of packing a home, trying to keep it prepared for showings (since the house was for sale), homeschooling, and the demands of being a “single” mom (I have a whole new level of respect for single parents).

One of my spiritual gifts is encouragement.  It brings me great joy to minister to others through words and actions.  Suddenly, though, I was the one in need of encouragement and support – and a lot of it.

As much I was was comfortable ministering to others, I began to realize that I was uncomfortable with being ministered to.  My heart needed humbled to accept the help that was being offered by many.

As we willingly received the ministry of others I learned that, in doing so, we were giving a gift too.  God used our needy state so that others could experience the joy and blessings of being others-focused and having servant’s hearts.

Life is full of seasons and “there is a time for everything.”  When seasons come when we are in need, may He humble and make my heart receptive to the  ministry of others.

The act of giving and receiving showers all involved in blessings!

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