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Seeing the Monsters For What They Are

One of the most challenging and freeing choices I've made this past year is to stand in the woods of things that confuse, intimidate, or frighten me. It's a process that hasn't been done alone, and there are parts of it that have been very hard to face. Accountability means change.

But there's something very important that I've come to understand in that place: "The monsters turned out to be just trees."

When we seek God with the help of others and are willing to lay ourselves before Him, life and situations become less scary. We begin to see them through a new perspective that only He can give. And, when that happens, it changes the way we walk through the woods because we see the light more than the shadows.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Be wise in where you seek it. Trust God through the process. Experience the miracle of His transformation and learn to smile even in the woods.

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