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Sand Dunes

We were out of town during Father’s day and were busy fitting in time with extended family.  So we postponed our celebration of Eric for a few weeks.

He has been working hard during his spare time on our floor project so I really wanted to find something fun that we could do as a family.

After researching and talking to friends, the boys and I had our Father’s Day surprise ready.  We hopped in the car last Saturday and took a drive to explore sand dunes near Lake Michigan.  The biggest part of the surprise was the sand dune buggy ride and tour.

Our guide was wonderful and even provided some fascinating history about the area. Much to our delight, the dune buggy was fast and there were some pretty nice dips in the trail (so much so that my stomach jumped up to my throat a few times)!

Once we were at the highest point, we were able to get out and look around for a bit.  The lake was about a mile away from our location and we had a clear view.  It is gorgeous country!


Eric and the boys had fun climbing up… well, no, the boys liked going up the hills.  Eric and I had a hard time getting traction because our feet would sink and slide… and because we couldn’t breathe from the exertion!  At one point, near the top of a steep heel, I literally started crawling up it because it was easier!  Of course, running (or sliding) down the hills was the best part of the walk!  Is sand sledding a thing?  If not, it should be!


It’s fun to explore new places and have fun together.  The best part, though, of the whole trip was seeing the huge smile on Eric’s face as we celebrated his role of “daddy!”

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