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Relationship Lost and Found… and What God Taught Me Through It (Part 2)

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read part one!

Against all odds, we had a second meeting with our family members and it was radically different from the first. The theme of the meeting can be summed in these words: humility, repentance, and a willingness to move forward towards reconciliation.

It’s been a long and, sometimes, slow road since that meeting.  It has taken time to rebuild trust and we’ve hit bumps along the way, but God has taken us beyond what we had ever hoped.

Not only has the relationship been restored, but it is healthier than ever before. There is now godly love, trust, and honest communication. The relationship is not “perfect” (and, really, that isn’t realistic anyway), but it has been and is being completely transformed.

The relationship is now something we consider to be a great blessing.  It is a sweet reminder that God took what we called an impossibility and showed us how great and powerful He is by changing our hearts.

In my next post, I’d like to share four lessons that I learned from the loss and and gain of the relationship with our family members.

Maybe you are in a conflicted or broken relationship with someone.  Perhaps you are experiencing separation and loss.  You might be struggling to find hope or have lost it completely.  What if reconciliation is never achieved?

Come back tomorrow, and allow me to share with you why we can always have joy and hope – even if our story lacks the expected happy ending.

To continue, read part three!

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