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Red October Moon

The theme for Super W in school last week was the moon.  Last night before the kids went to bed we sat on the front porch and looked at the huge full moon.

One of my favorite “why” questions the kids have asked so far is when, a few years ago, Super W asked why the moon was full.  “What did it eat that made it full?”  I still chuckle when I remember that innocent question.

Early his morning, I carried him from his bed to a window on the other side of the house.  He is almost too long for me to carry him anymore but today I didn’t care. Wrapped in a blanket together, the rest of the house slept on as we watched a lunar eclipse take place and the moon turn red.

It wasn’t long before his eyes grew heavy and he drifted back to sleep, but I continued to watch the moon until it sank behind a tree and out of sight.

What a great way to start this day!  I loved sharing in the beauty and wonder of God’s masterpiece with my son.

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