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Put Hard In Its Place

Fear. Anxiety. Disappointment. Rejection. Brokenness. Heartbreak. Simple words that cover so much ground. Our experiences may be different, but we can relate to one another through them. We know those places.

Sometimes, when I look back, God allows a clear view of how He's been preparing me for the present. Yesterday, on Facebook, I shared what my Father has been placing on my heart as I'm walking through some hard.

2 Chronicles 20 tells an amazing story of King Josephat and God's people facing destruction from an enemy. In his fear, the King resolved to seek the Lord. Instead of being given the green light to "fix it," the people were told that the battle wasn't theirs. They had to do the counterintuitive and to be still while facing destruction. So much for fight or flight.

"Don't be afraid or discouraged," (vs. 17). The timing of that command is interesting because it was given before the enemy was defeated and when all the people had was a promise of what would come to pass.

I heard Phil Wickham say, "There's the promise and the fulfillment of the promise, but the place in-between is hard." What do we do in that place when we are waiting on the Lord but our hearts begin to fail?

We redirect our gaze, thoughts, and hearts from despair to Truth. We put our hope and confidence in the Lord of the battle. We do what the people did - stand in faith and worship while giving "thanks to the Lord, for his faithful love endures forever" (vs. 21).

To face the enemy (in whatever form) with a song seems crazy, right? To worship God in the fiercest of battles and darkest of storms is a sacred call of duty. It isn't always easy (which may be one reason worship is referred to as "a sacrifice" in Heb. 13:15). But, as I walk across charred ground, I am choosing to blast worship music and lift up my voice in praise. I've discovered something in the process: the hard is still there, but it's filtered through a different perspective. Worship puts the hard in its place.

Whatever it is you're walking through, resolve to seek the Savior. Ask for a repentant heart if it's needed. Position yourself in humility that is trust. Wait to see the salvation of the Lord.

Go - sing a song of praise.

P.S -

If you need a place to start, I suggest this song!

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