• Ashley

Plank Problem

If you love someone, you will pray for them.

But it's no secret that relationships are messy.

Sometimes in the challenge of relationships, our motivation to pray is wrong. We become so focused on why and how we think the other needs change that we become blinded by self-righteousness and forget our own, ever-present, need for Jesus. (It's the plank-in-the-eye problem that He talked about in Matthew 7:3-5.)

So as you pray for others, ask God to help you do so in the humility that's birthed in an awareness of your own on-going need for His transformation. Also, recognize that He just may be using others to bring that change about in you, so don't grow resentful of the tools or the process.

If you love someone, you will pray for them - do it rooted in the grace and mercy you receive.

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