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Our School Room

back to school

It’s almost time for us to begin the new school year!  We are excited as the kids will be in second grade, kindergarten, and preschool!

Last year we tried to have the school room in our basement.  I say “tried” because it didn’t work out very well for us.  Our three year old proved to be a huge distraction in a confined space and sending him up upstairs to have free reign over two stories of house was not an option.  So, most of the time, we ended up at the kitchen table.  There isn’t anything wrong with that, but we had other options to accommodate us in this season of life.

Eric has been busy laying new flooring down on the first floor of the house.  He started and finished our living room first (pictures to come as soon as we complete redoing the mantle).  When he asked if I had a preference on where to begin next, I knew exactly how to answer.  I needed the floor completed so we could designate the dining room space as our school room.

If you read the post showing our new home, you might remember that I mentioned having big plans for the dining room (I was thinking “Joanna Gaines” if that sparks your imagination).  It was time to switch gears. As soon as the floor was down (and three different coats of paint colors later), I started putting our new school space together.


We had a chalkboard wall in the hallway of our former home that we loved and missed. Since the chair rail was already in the room, I painted a chalkboard on the bottom half. The kids are great about keeping the chalk where it belongs and it provides another creative outlet for busy hands.


The alphabet and bug prints are new additions and I LOVE them!  They are actually gift wrap and are only $3.95 a piece!  If you want to check out them out or view the other beautiful prints, go to this site.


We are so thankful for this extra space to have our school room and look forward to learning together there this year!

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