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Our House on the Street Where We Live (Part Two)

After dealing with sicknesses and a catastrophe that involved a toddler and a laptop, I was beginning to think this post would never come to fruition!  Thank you for being patient.

After sharing our before pictures, I am excited to take you on a little home tour!  We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you come by for a visit!

We have been busy working on our landscaping this summer.  We still have a bit left to do but we’re getting there!  I’ve been very grateful for the help of our neighbor who has an amazing green thumb!

One of the first big things that I wanted to do after we moved in was to have a fence put up.  Living on a corner has its perks, but not in terms of having children that play in the yard. So far, none of the boys have managed to climb over the fence, but a certain toddler has come close!  I am very glad the boys have an enclosed place outside to play.

Now that you’ve seen a bit of the outside, why don’t you come on in? We always enter through the side door and into the sun room.  The sun room is under construction, but you can see it anyway.  See the planked ceiling? It’s my favorite feature because every time I see it, I am reminded how much my husband loves me.  It was NOT his favorite project but he did it anyway!

One of the REALLY big projects that needs done is the kitchen.  We haven’t been able to do it yet but, before we moved in, we did a few “quick fixes.”  The carpet is long gone (hallelujah), my dad moved the cabinets that hung over the sink to the opposite wall (opening up the space in between the kitchen and our dining area), and I painted the cabinets.  Yes, the appliances are original to the house.  It’s funny because when we first moved in, the only thing I wanted was to see them disappear.  However, they have been so reliable that I told Eric that I want them until they fall apart – ha! Seriously, they don’t make things the way they used to!  As you can see, we don’t have a lot of counter or cabinet space but we make do (the kitchen is my least favorite part of the house anyway… and I don’t care how updated it is)!  A chef I am not!

This next shot is what you see when you first walk into the kitchen from the sun room.  You might even see Eric like that too!

Next, let me show you the area that we use for our dining and den area.  Just a fun tidbit – the dining table and chairs are the set my parents used when I was growing up.  As a gift to us, my dad refinished the table.  I probably gave him a heart attack a few months ago when he came over and saw that I had painted and distressed the chairs, but he handled it really well.  Don’t worry, Dad. I promise I’ll never paint the table! :)

Next, is our bedroom.  You already saw it if you read the post about our headboard, but I decided to share another picture anyway.  Eric came home one day shortly after that post had been published and found a yellow wall in our room.  I just love surprising him!  (But the question is does HE love being surprised?! Hmmmm….)

Our lilac bathroom is still very… purple… so I’ll spare you a duplicate picture!  The first door to the right after leaving our room is to the main bath.  I painted the walls (including the tile) and Eric replaced the sink,  flooring, and the infamous yellow toilet.  Updating on a budget, baby!

Take a peek down the hall (part of the wall is a chalkboard… thank you, Pinterest)! Now’s let’s go to Jack-Jack’s room!

(I’m just ITCHING to get my paintbrush on his dresser!  I found it for a steal at a local antique store shortly before Jack-Jack’s birth. I’ll have to share a picture with you when that project is done!)

Spock and Stitch share a room and they couldn’t wait to show it to you.  This way!

Quick story about the cast iron bed!  My father-in-law picked it up last summer at a local auction for two dollars.  TWO DOLLARS!!!! I have wanted a bed like it for the boys for the longest time (Eric calls it a hospital bed).  I spray painted it and added it to the room a few months ago.  It’s nice to have the spare bed for Jack-Jack when we have company (since he gets kicked out of his room) or when the boys have a friend over.

My dad got me started on the signs when he ran across the slow children sign.  We used to have a sign like it on our street growing up and he used to tease us all the time.  “Look!  Slooooooow children live on this road,” he’d say.  He found and gave us most of the other signs as well.  I recently picked up the stop sign to complete the collage (yes, I got it legally)!

Remember the bunk beds?  I painted those too. (In case you haven’t picked up on it, I have a love for painting things.  I tell Eric that it’s my therapy and I’m saving him thousands of dollars.)  My dad made the wall book shelves that you have seen in the boy’s bedrooms!

Spock wanted to make sure that you saw the deer antlers above the closet.  Eric found those when he was a little boy and Spock could not be happier to own them now!  Stitch wants you to see their fish, Trickster.  They like to feed him.

I’m going to stop you right here on this little tour and admit something to you.  Our house is RARELY…EVER… this spotless (especially the boy’s bedrooms).   Don’t get me wrong.  Our house isn’t dirty (although the boy’s bathroom is a never-ending battle), but we LIVE here and it usually shows.  I may have literally pushed things out of the frame in some of the pictures.  You are a guest, after all!

Okay!  On to our front door entry way and living room!

This next area is my FAVORITE because it’s my little writing nook and happy place.

More of the living room looking from the front door…

That’s all, folks!  We are very grateful for all God has provided and have had fun making this house “ours” over the past six years.  It’s more than just walls or what we use to decorate, but is the place that we are creating memories and stories together.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting our house on the street where we live!

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