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Our House on the New Street Where We Live

Well, I’ve been itching to show you our new (to us) house but wanted unpack and settle in a bit before doing so.  We have completed a LOT, but I kept thinking that I would do”just one more” project before showing you our place.  The reality is that we just moved in and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with all of the new space.  It’s going to take awhile.  So, here is a house to date.

Eric did an amazing job picking out our home!  He stressed over it quite a bit because I didn’t see the house with my own eyes until the day we moved in and he was worried I wouldn’t like it.  He had nothing to worry about though.

Having lived overseas when I was a teenager, I have witnessed extreme poverty and am well aware of how grateful we need to be for this house. I don’t know how he could have done better for our family.  The house meets our every need and then some… a huge blessing- literally!


We are really grateful for the help we have received from family and good friends in getting unpacked, painting, and even some minor construction!

So come on in and welcome to our home!


Let me show you the first floor first.  The first room to your right is one of my favorites because it is my “writing room.”  There was carpet when we moved in and curiosity got the best of me within the first 48 hours of being in the house.  I pulled up a corner and discovered wood!  So, obviously, the only logical step was to rip it right out!

IMG_2170 (1)

There is a formal dining room on the first floor.  Oh, do I have big plans for this room!  In the meantime it’s just the “whatever” room.


Once you pass the dining area, you enter the kitchen and living area.  This is where most of the work has been so far.  The walls have been painted and a  friend removed some wall cabinets and built hanging shelves for me (I love them)!

(The following “before” pictures are from Zillow when the house was on the market.  The moving van was here and beginning to unload when we moved in so I failed to get great “before” pictures during the chaos.)


We are very thankful for a finished basement in this house.  There is a closed off, unfinished, section that is great for storage.  We decided to put our school space in the basement.  I like having our school space in a contained area that is easy to close off when we have visitors.  It’s also nice to keep Jack-Jack contained while yet still giving him plenty of space to run around while we’re completing school work.


On the top floor of the house are four bedrooms.  Our two oldest boys wanted to stay together and share a room (which is great because it gave us a guest room). This bedroom is probably my favorite because of the massive closet with window seat!  The perfect spot to play, read, and imagine!

Spock and Stitch love all things Star Wars.  I wanted to give them that theme while also making it fairly easy to change themes in the future should they want to do something different in their room. So we painted over the pink walls in the room with blue and grey.  One afternoon, I painted a galaxy in the closet for a special touch!


Oops, I almost forgot to show you their actual room in my excitement about their closet! Here we go…


Jack-Jack’s room is another room waiting to be worked on and I can’t wait.  He has a passion for planes so we’ll be playing with that theme in the near future.


Our room is next.  I’ll get around to decorating it… one of these days. :)


Our guest room is also upstairs and friends are always welcome!


In the future, I look forward to showing you the changes we make as we mark off our “to do” list for the house!

We love it here on the new street where we live!

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