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Our Easter

*Please note: With an awareness of my family’s safety and privacy, I do not refer to our children by name on this public blog or its Facebook page. They are being referred as Spock, Stitch, and Jack-Jack (listed by birth order from oldest to youngest). Though I may post pictures, I intentionally keep their faces hidden.  Family and friends, please help me keep their privacy by refraining from using their real names in comments. Thank you for understanding!

Did you all have a good Easter weekend? I hope so!

Easter was exciting for us this year because Spock is starting to understand more and more about why we celebrate.  I love and welcome his questions and our discussions.

We haven’t taken the kids to get their pictures taken with Easter bunny and they have never had any interest either since it seems to be more scary to them than anything. Leave it to Jack-Jack, though, to have no fear. We were walking through the mall a few weeks before Easter and he saw the bunny sitting. Jack-Jack started waving and yelling, “HI Bunny! HIIIIIIII!” The bunny’s acknowledgement of him only egged him on more. “HUG BUNNY! HUG BUNNY!” Since there were not any kids in line at the time, I asked if he could hug the bunny. Without reservation, Jack-Jack sat on the bunny’s lap and gave a big hug.

Spock stood nearby observing the scene with his infamous serious scowl (he was literally born scowling). “WHY is there a bunny? What does a bunny have to do with Easter?! Easter is about JESUS!” On one hand, I’m glad that he’s grasping the real meaning but, wow, we sure do need to work on presentation! HAHA!

Easter morning dawned. I grew up getting an Easter basket of goodies. For a few years I tried to carry on that tradition, but we since changed gears.

The boys have a lot of extended family and adult friends that generously give to them.  So, instead of an Easter basket, they had five+ a piece when it was all said and done.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful because we couldn’t be more so towards those that show love to our children in various ways (including through gifts). (To their credit: Family and friends did give this year, but that it was not excessive and we appreciated that.)

If you haven’t noticed, we live in an extremely materialistic society. Kids get… and get… and GET.  It can be a challenge to teach kids about giving.  Yes, it’s a lot of fun to get, but we want our children to experience the joy in what Jesus said: “It’s better to give than receive.”

So last year we started a new tradition.  Instead of us making Easter basket for the boys, we take the boys shopping to make an Easter basket for someone else. We talk and pray about who we will give it to.  We try to find someone who is need of encouragement or pampering. We had fun picking out the items for our basket this year!


On Sundays, a friend and I teach the 3 and 4 year olds before the church service. We told the Easter story using 6 eggs with visuals inside. I’d encourage you to check out this link and save it for future reference if you have young children. The kids seemed to love it.


The kids in our class told us that one of their favorite things about Easter are Peeps so I wanted to give them a special treat. Leave it to Pinterest to help me add a fun touch to the gift! Mine looked a little different than this, but I thought it was an adorable idea.


After church, we went to my parents house. It was nice to catch up with one another over a delicious meal.

Jack-Jack was having a rough day so he went down for a nap right after lunch while his brothers went to the backyard to play. When he woke up a few hours later, Eric and my Dad hid eggs in the yard. It was fun watching them hunt and find the eggs. It was the second time to do so because our sweet neighbor had hosted an Easter party (complete with an egg hunt) the week before. They thought they were old pros by Easter Sunday and were excited to show off their skills to their grandparents.





Spock’s two front teeth are loose and one, in particular, was getting close to falling out. It seemed like every time I looked at him, Spock was wiggling that tooth. After the egg hunt, he let me wiggle it and I could tell it was barely hanging on.

Eric wiggled it. Spock wanted it out so badly but was afraid it might hurt to have it pulled. His PaPa asked to wiggle it. Back and forth. Side to side. Out it came! Spock didn’t realize what happened at first and I’ll never forget how big his eyes grew or how excited he was when he saw the tooth in his Papa’s hand.


He scored a dollar from PaPa and another one from his great grandpa. When we got home later that night, he put his tooth in a zip lock back and asked to write on it note for the tooth fairy. He dictated it to me (his lisp created by the new gap cracked me up):

“Toof Fairy, Toof Fairy,

I lose my toof at Easter today.  Papa pulled my toof out.  Now I can squirt water through the hole.  It kinda hurt when Papa pulled my toof out.  I just hope, hope, hope, hope I get some dollars just for one toof.  I already have two dollars.  I have five pennies too.  I hope I get another dollar because, if I do, I can get a new truck or airplane.  I just can’t wait for you to come.”

He woke us up the next morning at 6 AM so thrilled with more cash and ready to go to the store right then. It was a sweet moment… even if it was B.C. (“Before Coffee”)!

Happy Easter! Enjoy life ABUNDTANTLY!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

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