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Our 2015 Summer Bucket List

My friend, Lyndsey, recently shared how her family was creating a summer bucket list together.   She had some great ideas and it wasn’t long before I sat down with the boys to create our list.

It was so much fun working on it because Spock and Stitch came up with many ideas on their own.  To their great delight, we have already been able to do a few things.

So, without further ado, here is our summer bucket list!


– Have a water gun fight

– Play in the Sprinklers

– Go on a water slide

– Watch a movie outside

– Go camping

– Make glow-in-the-dark bubbles

– Catch fireflies

– Go to the Science Center

– To to the zoo and ride the train

– Have a picnic

– Use sidewalk chalk

– Feed ducks

– Have a finger painting party outside

– Watch fireworks

– Have a sleepover in the living room

– Make homemade ice cream

– Catch bugs

– Make a bird feeder

– Eat watermelon

– Go to a splash park

– Go the the airplane park

– Play in the rain


– Have a pillow fight

– Fly a kite

– Ride on a carousel

– Look at the stars

– Play flashlight tag

– Go bowling

– Play basketball

– Make cards for a friend

– Volunteer somewhere

– Dig in the sand

– Make cupcakes to share

– Plant a garden


– Have a paper airplane competition with Papa

– Grill a pizza with Vallerie

– Have a silly string fight

– Make moon sand

– Make tie dye shirts

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