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On the Ropes

I ran into the master bath and locked myself in for an ugly cry. It had been a bad day.  I was on the ropes and felt like a boxer on the brink of falling to the floor in defeat. Those days happen.

On this blog, I share a lot about my faith.  I don’t want you to read and walk away thinking that I am someone who has it all together.  You need to hear the truth: I am a mess that God is transforming every day! Please recognize that what I share here is the result of what God is teaching me through it all.  If you see something good in me, you are witnessing God at work in me!

Anyone can create an illusion of perfection, but I am learning that I must be willing to project the real picture with others (especially those closest to me that are trustworthy).

Doing so results three positives:

  1. It makes others feel safe with you. When we put aside our pride and let others see the flaws, people relate because they personally recognize the blemishes. We understand one another on a deeper level.  It’s as C.S Lewis once wrote, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'”

  2. We can better encourage one another and build each other up. How can we can build others up or receive encouragement unless we share our failings and needs? There is strength in numbers.

  3. Being real and vulnerable with others ultimately draws attention to Christ. We all share one common denominator: We need Jesus!  He created us to be relational. The beauty of genuine relationship isn’t found in feigned perfection, but is discovered when we are willing to share how Christ is continually rescuing, healing, and transforming us! That bond we have through Jesus and what He is doing in us draws us closer to Him and each other.

As much as I love to share my joys with you, I hope you also see the real me:  The lady who often finds herself on the ropes, but is consistently rescued by God.

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