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On My Way

Here it is, my first post! Though no one has been anticipating it with baited breath, it is done. Beginning a blog is daunting. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there and I tend to wonder what I could share that would be, in any way, significant to anyone besides myself. Nevertheless, I am choosing to share if for no other reason than to have a place for my memories and stories. So, why did I title the blog, “On the Street Where We Live?” Eric and I love old musicals. When we were first dating I was shocked to discover that his favorite is, “My Fair Lady.” Eric is a talented trumpet player and, in high school, he was in the orchestra during his school’s stage production of the play. Eric started his first “real” job while we were dating and we were apart more often than not. He was coming home from one trip and told me that his flight would be coming in during the late evening. Around dinner time that night he called and, as soon as I answered, he began singing, “On the Street Where You Live.” When I looked outside, there he was, singing his heart out. I’m a hopeless romantic and the memory still sends my heart into a funny rhythm! Ever since, that song has been very special to me. That moment was the beginning of what we have together and where we are today. I look around and nothing I see is void of God’s touch. I am where I am today because God has worked in my life in countless ways. Eric and I are seven years into marriage and have 3 wonderful little boys. I’m learning that my life, though it may look mundane to some, is full of purpose and that I must live intentionally. Every day is a part of this incredible story that my Author has written. Every moment a revelation of Him at work. I’m grateful to play a role! I have to extend a word of gratefulness to those who have encouraged me to begin this blog. Specifically, my mom has played a huge role as she has urged me to write since I was a child. I am also thankful for a husband that so readily agreed to begin sharing our lives in such a public manner. To the friends who have so enthusiastically cheered me on in this endeavor, you may regret it! :)

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