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Off to Great Places in 2015!

As we begin the new year, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal goals for 2015. I do not normally set new year resolutions, but think it would be beneficial. After all, the way to hit a bulls-eye is with good aim and intention!

I find it a bit intimidating to share these goals publicly, but think it might help keep me accountable.  So, without further ado, here are the achievements that I will be striving for this year.

I’m Off for Great Places in 2015!

1) Read the Bible through.  I am using this Bible to read through in chronological order.

2) One monthly date night with Eric and 2 overnight getaways this year.

3) Play with the kids one hour a day.  In the midst of my daily responsibilities, I often fail to really play with the kids.  I want to sit on the floor with them and do nothing but participate with them in the things they enjoy.  All of my other duties can wait!

4) Reach my goals for weight and health. I have come far in the past couple of months and want to continue improving my physical health.

5) Complete all the requirements to receive my degree in Biblical Counseling.  This is another goal that I am close to finishing, but I need to focus and get ‘er done.

6) Mail one handwritten note a month.

7)  Pay off more debt and increase our givings.

8) Finish updating our sun room and spend time enjoying it this spring.

9) Consistently write on the blog and update it by giving it a new look.

10) Be quick to speak words of encouragement to those around me.

I hope this year is one of growth!

“I am still learning.”  Michelangelo 

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