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  • Ashley

No Such Thing as Normal

The alarm starts the day with a morning song

In quiet of early darkness, the day ahead seems long

Turning pages of Truth with a warm drink in my hand

Can't do it alone, God, give me strength to stand

This is my normal.

The sound of children's feet running down the steps

It's time for morning kisses and routine prep

Make a bed. Start the laundry. Give instruction to each brother.

The best way to start the day is by helping each other

This is my normal.

Hours of teaching and learning ahead

Dive into numbers and open books that need read

Guiding and challenging young minds wasn't my plan,

Keep trusting the leading of His gentle hand

This is my normal.

Tutoring. Piano. Church Activities.

Fit in the practices that are privileged opportunities

A message to respond to, an appointment I need to make,

There never seems to be time to sit and take a break

This is my normal.

He's home from work, my man with a cute backside

Love doesn't look like the movies; it's a crazy ride

In the everyday monotony we learn to grow together,

Make the choice to keep promises no matter what we weather.

This is my normal.

Another meal to prep and serve. Groceries to buy.

Someone needs correction. Another needs hugs and safe space to cry.

Listen to a story before the day is done

Hope we're makin' memories that they'll think are fun

This is my normal.

End the day exhausted, but my heart is overflowing

Cause there's a truth some live unknowing -

There's no such thing as normal in light of eternity,

Every minute I have is given purposely.

Don't wanna be shortsighted, Wanna live on mission

Make loving God and others be my greatest ambition

In all I say, in all I do,

Lord, let my life point to You.

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