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My Mom’s Prayer

The “On This Day” feature on Facebook can be a fun reminder of the little, but significant moments shared. Two years ago today, our family was in the midst of transition.

Eric was already in Michigan where he had started a new job. The boys and I were preparing to join him after two and a half long months apart. That time away from Eric while playing single mom/comforter to three small children who were being upheaved, homeschool teacher, puppy house-breaker, packer, and loose-end fixer-upper had pushed me to a place of desperation acceptance and willingness to go. (It also gave me a deeper respect for single moms and military families who spend much time apart!)

But it was still hard to say goodbye to those we love. Both sides of our families lived nearby and the move was sad for them too.

During that time, my mom shared her heart in a post that said, “My heart has been divided watching my oldest pack up and prepare to move with our 3 grandchildren. I’m sad for us and excited for their future adventures in MI. I found an old journal entry tonight, and it’s like God is reminding me that He heard my prayer and is showering this momma’s heart with peace. (Still gonna cry.)”

Today I reread those words and sat in silence pondering with wonder the evidence of both her and God’s love just in the last few years.

God has answered her prayers and is continuing to do so as He works on me. My mom asking God to “expand [my] world” was not a small request void of sacrifice.

Oh, but the blessings that have resulted in my life and our family through the trials resulting from expansion!

The challenges give me a deeper desire to seek after and know God. Our marriage is tested and growing in ways that may never had happened had we not been forced to cling to each other as never before. As a wife, God has been opening my eyes to the selfishness of my heart and what it is to love my husband as He loves me. Through motherhood, teaching, and serving our children and family, God continues to gracefully reveal my inabilities while teaching me to rest in His abilities.

The Lord went over and beyond in my mom’s request for true girlfriends. God has blessed my life with, not one, but many true friends that laugh, cry, grow, and share life whether near or far.

There is much I need learn from my mother’s prayer.

I need the courage to pray specifically for the boys, and to do so with a love that is willing to accept sacrifice. My selfish desires and dreams for myself and them must be put to death. God must teach me to pray His will over their lives in such a way that, even if it means I/they might experience loss or hardship, they might know the security of being His beloved.

Today I praise God for a mother that selflessly prays for me and those she holds dear. I praise Him for the continual way in which He is answering those prayers in my life.

I am filled with hope through this reminder that God hears our prayers. However, He does not always answer our prayers in the ways or timing that we want. I see that too in my mother’s life as she pleads with God on behalf of those she loves while not yet seeing fruit. Her greatest example to me as a mother is this: Regardless of whether the answers to prayers fill me with great joy or teach me to trust Him in the midst of pain, let His praise ever be on my lips.

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