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My Favorite Facebook Posts from 2014

*Please note: With an awareness of my family’s safety and privacy, I do not refer to our children by name on this public blog or its Facebook page. They are being referred as Spock, Stitch, and Jack-Jack (listed by birth order from oldest to youngest). Though I may post pictures, I intentionally keep their faces hidden.  Family and friends, please help me keep their privacy by refraining from using their real names in comments. Thank you for understanding!

This is a selfish post because it’s more for my benefit than anything else. In an effort to preserve memories from this past year that I have shared on my personal Facebook page, I have compiled them here.  Feel free to browse through!

Have a very happy new year!



– “Actually, if you eat chicken and dumplings too fast, you will die. Or choke,” says the child who doesn’t want to eat his dinner. He’s still trying to come up with the horrible, awful, ugly result of eating it slow.

21st – Jack-Jack took his first steps this morning! He’ll be keeping up with his brothers in no time!

– Our middle child is in Kleenex Etiquette 101. Lesson #1: Dirty Kleenexes should never, ever be placed back in the box. Not everyone is as understanding as your family.

– Spock to me: All your friends are old like you and that’s just the way God made them.


– Things I never thought I’d say as a mother #554: “Boys! Do NOT put the baby in the ottoman and shut the lid on him!”

– This day is very bittersweet. My sister and her husband are off to begin their life together. This is a very exciting time for them and I rejoice with them as they start down the road of married life. On the other hand, one of my dearest friends moved away today. I already miss her more words could adequately express. Kels, I am SO thankful that we have been able to live close to one another longer than we had anticipated! Time together has been a gift. Now, I’ll be grateful for the many phone calls and Skype times to come!  Love you always, little sis!

– Here is one of my favorite pictures from Kelsey’s wedding. It was such a sweet moment but Spock was not impressed with the love song Uncle Johnathon wrote for Aunt Kelsey! He gave us all a good laugh!


– Stitch was playing with a toy and was quite frustrated that it wouldn’t work the way he wanted. We’re teaching him to use words when he needs help instead of screaming, etc. As I watched his frustration level rise and anticipated a mini blowup, I asked, “H, what do you do when you’re angry and need help? ” He responded matter-of-factly, “SPIT.” I’m sure he’s never heard the phrase, “I’m so mad I could spit,” but according to my 2 year old, it’s not such a ridiculous reaction.


Our weekend consisted of, well, let’s just say the effects having been hit by the stomach flu. It’s not been pretty, fun, and it hasn’t smelled very good either. But, despite it all, can I just say how in awe I am at the beauty of marriage? These are the times when I begin to comprehend just how much my husband loves me and when I get to demonstrate my love for him. It’s easy to be there for someone when all is well. It doesn’t take much effort to say the right words. Living it out is another story. It’s when we’re faced with the gruel and grind that love is often at it’s finest (if only we can stop to recognize it). It’s a wondrous thing to wake up next to someone after a horrible night only to fall back in bed together in the evening, beyond exhausted, but committed to being there for one another. Love isn’t roses and self-gratification; it’s choosing to face each day (even the vomit-filled ones) with one another being prepared to give all without expecting anything in return.

– Epic fail today in being like Christ. So. Not. Pretty. Where would I be without His forgiveness and the mercies He gives every morning (Lamentations 3:22-24)? Here’s to keeping it real, folks….

– As I was waiting to pick up a prescription with 3 fussy children in need of naps, an elderly gentleman sat nearby observing us. He walked away only to reappear with bottles of chocolate milk for the kids. It was a random, thoughtful act of kindness by a complete stranger that touched my heart today. He’ll never know how much that meant or how deeply I appreciated it.

– Spock was sloooooooowly getting dressed. His slightly impatient mother asked, “How long does it take you to get dressed?!” He responded with earnestness, “Longer than I thought!” It may take him 20 minutes to get dressed but at least he’s honest!

– The best parents a girl could ever want…Love you!



– When the loud thunder rattled our windows, I was concerned that Stitch was afraid when I heard his bedroom door fly open and the sound of his feet running down the hallway. However, he doesn’t fear it because, he’ll tell you, it’s NOT thunder.  “I hear monster trucks outside!!!!!!!!! Boom!  “Wow! That one was my favorite! I love those trucks!”  It’s like Christmas morning for this kid!

– “Never before in story or rhyme (not even once upon a time) has the world ever known a you, my friend, and it never will not ever again… Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous [day] you were born.” Happy 3rd birthday to the sweet, silly boy that brings sunshine to our home and hearts each day. I couldn’t love you more, Stitch!


– Planting our tree!


– God has richly blessed Eric and me with a wonderful mothers and grandmothers!

To my mom, I couldn’t be more grateful for all you do, the love you give, for the cherished childhood memories you provided, and for how you’ve influenced me. If you ever wonder if you were a good enough mother. .. don’t! Words could never adequately express how much I love you.

To my mother-in-law, I thank God for the relationship He’s given us and how He’s broken any sterotypes this world might give us! I deeply appreciate how you help us/me so often! Thank you for always been a phone call away. Thank you million times for raising such a wonderful man/husband/father! Thank you for loving and accepting me as your daughter! I love you so much!

To MawMaw, I am forever grateful for your love for all of us. Thank you for accepting and treating me like family. Thank you for the many meals you’ve shared and for always opening your home to us. We will ALL have the best memories of times at your house!

To Aunt Elizabeth, Sometimes God gives us family that we never expected. You are a grandmother to me. Thank you for always being willing to listen and give me such godly advice. It’s an honor to call you family!

To each of you… our boys are SO blessed to have you in their lives! You make the best grandmothers/great grandmothers!

I love you all! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

12th – Jack-Jack had tubes put in his years this morning.  Just talked with the doctor and all went well! The tubes were definitely needed. Waiting to go see him now and get him home.

– Our first baby is a preschool graduate!

– In the past seven years, many things have changed for us. In the midst of it all, one thing that has remained the same is the mutual choice Eric and I make to love and commit to each other. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Seven years ago today was one of the best days of my life. Every day since it’s a blessing and honor to wake up say, “I STILL do!” Happy anniversary to my one and only!

– I love when the boys want to help me take care of our home. When they do, there are always plenty of opportunities to teach them important life lessons. For example, there is a very big difference between the TOILET brush and my one and only HAIR brush. Oh please, Stitch, tell me that you’ve only put my hairbrush in the there this one time. Please, please, please. …..

– Had a wonderful morning with family! Love you two!



– Rookie baseball! Thanks, Mom, for helping keep Jack-Jack on the sidelines!

– It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell which little boy pile to place the folded clothes on. Folding clothes is just another reminder of how quickly they are growing and it makes me sad. So, I will stop folding clothes from here-on-out. Problem solved.

– As Christ-followers, we’re called to selfless-servanthood. Being a wife, mother, friend, etc. bring about constant opportunities to practice. Oh, I’d like to think that I’m doing okay but, when I ask God to show me areas that need His touch, it is undeniable that far too often my motives and desires are “me” rooted. You remember the praise song, “It’s All About Him?” My dad used to sing, “It’s all about Me” as a gentle/funny reminder when one of us was being self-centered. This heart is selfish, prideful, and flat-out ugly without Him. Isn’t it awesome that God loves us enough to discipline and transform us instead of letting us continue to parade around in anything less than the best? The illumination of my sin stings, but the mercy, grace, and change He brings is sweeter still. Yesterday was hard and I could justify my failings in a hundred different ways. The bottom line, though, is that I was me-focused and it effects and hurts those around me. God gives new days and, in them, opportunities to apply what He says is true so that we might live life abundantly. Here’s to a new day!

– Today I praise God for my Dad. As I child, I have many memories of him being one of the kids with us. He was always building things that we played with in the backyard for countless hours (a play house, stilts, and a balance beam to name a few of my favorites). More than taking the time to be goofy with us, though, he invested in our lives and constantly demonstrated his love. During one particularly turbulent time in my life, we were literally separated by continents. He dropped everything to immediately fly to my side to be my warrior, protector, and teacher. I’ve come to realize that’s who he was to me everyday. Most of all, my dad loved me enough to speak truth (even when I didn’t want to listen) & point me to the ultimate Father.

I am grateful for my father in law who is so intentional in encouraging me. Thank you, Bill, for welcoming me into the family as your own daughter.

Uncle Orman, you’re a grandfather to me and I love you dearly. We love that we have a constant reminder of you in L. 

My boys are blessed in not only knowing these wonderful men, but in having the most incredible daddy. He’s a daily example to them of what it is to be a man, husband, and father.

Happy father’s day!

– It’s a Monday morning miracle in our household! The kids slept until 8 (& Mommy until 7:30)! 6 a.m., I didn’t miss you.

– I thought I would be sneaky and put my ice cream in a coffee cup so that the kids wouldn’t know what I was eating. (There was only enough for one and, well, you get the picture. Desperate times call for desperate measures.) Stitch, our bottomless pit, came up and said, “What you eatin’?!” “Um… this is just my coffee cup.” (In other words, “please go away and let me enjoy these calories in peace.)  Stitch raised his eyebrows and retorted, “You eat coffee with a SPOON?!”

–  The week began with one very sick little boy and now another one is down for the count. Eric has been gone in the midst of it all (and for a great cause so I won’t complain). I would be a lot more stressed and exhausted if not for my mother-in-law, neighbor, and Mom who all helped me out in various ways. Saying “thank you” doesn’t begin to cut it. – feeling overwhelmingly loved

27th – Jack-Jack’s first time into the ocean!

30th- It was a wonderful weekend with one of my dearest friends and her sweet family (who just so happens to reside in Florida). The beach and her pool were definite perks, but the best part of the trip was enjoying the rare privilege of spending time with each other. Now Land I are home sweet home! I’m so happy that we’re all together again!


– Jack-Jack  just spoke/sang his first full sentence. “Let it go!” Yes, he was singing the song from “Frozen.” It might be time to change our Pandora station!

– It all began like something you would see in a movie. There I was doing dishes when our favorite song came on the radio. Eric grabbed me and we started dancing in the kitchen. Then reality hit. A jealous little creature came out of the shadows and began doing everything in his power to break up the party. When throwing himself between us didn’t work, he tried physically pushing us apart. When all else failed he laid down at our feet and began wailing. Something you’d see in the movies? Maybe not, but this is our story. I love it.

– My grandmother passed away yesterday. I am amazed at the mercies God has been so clearly giving (especially to my grandma during her last hours here and to my grandfather in his last days with her). I would ask that you pray for my family this week. Pray for my grandfather, Dad, mom, aunt, and uncle in particular. Also, please pray for Eric and me this evening as we will be talking with the boys. They loved MeeMaw and I’m so grateful that, just a week ago, they talked and sang to her on the phone. It was such a sweet conversation. God is good all the time

– There have been so many of you who have spoken life, or have built us up, these past few weeks. I couldn’t possibly tag all of you who came to mind while reading this without risking accidentally leaving someone out. Please know that your prayers and encouragement have helped more than you know. Thank you. Never underestimate the power of prayer, a kind word, or loving act!


– A tree frog has taken residence on our door under the wreath. Spock and Stitch were trying to catch it tonight as I stood next to them. All of a sudden, the frog took a desperate leap towards us in an attempt to escape. We all screamed (although my scream was unlike the joyful squeal the boys made) which sent the boys into a fit of laughter (mostly at my expense). The frog disappeared and I’m now listening to two little boys pretending to be frogs in their beds. “Rigget, rigget, rigget,” is how Stitch says it while Spock is scheming on how they’ll capture the frog tomorrow. I really don’t like frogs, but I love those boys!

– Two mommas foot loose and fancy free! (We love our husbands!)


– Our fun project for the week is to make a paper mache globe. When I was in elementary school, everyone wanted to be in Mrs. Wall’s fourth grade class because the students made globes with her every year. She was my favorite elementary teacher and I vividly remember making my globe. It hung in my room until we moved overseas. Hope the boys enjoy this as much as I did as a child! Good memories!

25th – First day of Kindergarten!

26th – First day of Preschool!

– You’re crying because you have to take a nap? I’m crying because I can’t!

– Spock (very serious): “You know what I want? I just want a day OFF from picking up!”


– Tonight a squirrel almost met my tire and, as it darted off unscathed, my backseat driver (aka: Spock) yelled, “MOMMY! Don’t run over squirrels or they might become EXTINCT!” So, consider that next time YOU almost run over a squirrel.

– We live in a high-pace, high-tech, and material society so we must remember this: People/relationships are more important than events or things. Choose your investments wisely.

– We were on our way out and Spock was hiding behind the door. I could see the top of his head through the door window pane and as I told him to go on out to the car he asked, “HOW did you know I was hiding behind the door?”

“Oh, it was just my awesome super-mommy powers.”

“You do NOT have super powers.”

“Sure I do, Spock, all mommies have them.”

“Oh, yeah? Can you squish people with your eyes?!”


“I knew it.”

Sorry to disappoint, son.

– The boys picked out a new fish this morning named Trickster (because, I am told, he will do tricks). May he live long and prosper. H wanted to get snakes because they were “happy snakes.” I asked how he could tell but he wasn’t sure. I told him that no snakes means he will have a happy mommy.


– Spock has the ornery streak of a certain family member (*cough, PaPa,*cough), and he is constantly trying to scare me by placing little plastic bugs in random places throughout the house. I grew up always having to be prepared. For example, there was the time I opened my lunch box to find a life-like mouse laying under the food (true story). As a result, I’ve thought myself quite immune to my child’s evil plans. Our washer and dryer are located in our unfinished basement and I’m always a little on edge down there because of the spiders (real or imagined) that I may come across. This morning I picked up a blanket laying next to the washer and just about lost it. I’m not sure what my brain registered the fake crocodile as, but I didn’t know I could jump so high and move so fast! Well played, young man. I think it’s time to pass on a valuable lesson on that my Dad taught me about playing with fire…. muahahaha.


– Stitch loves to pray at meal times. It doesn’t matter if someone else starts, HE is going to finish it! So, today, Stitch started praying, “Thank You for my food…” when Spock began to pray over him. Without missing a beat, Stitch covered Spock’s mouth and finished, “Thank You for Spock, Jack-Jack, Mommy and Daddy… and thank You for me. Amen.” There’s another little into glimpse life at our house today!

– The boys and I were in the car and I told them that we were headed to a baby shower at the church. Stitch asked, “Why do we have to take a shower at church?” Ha – great connection!

– A little someone has been climbing out of his crib for the past hour. Guess it’s time to bring out the toddler bed.  The only real surprise is that it’s taken him this long to escape.

– We had cornbread with our dinner tonight. I buttered Stitch’s second piece and, a few moments later, he exclaimed, “OH NO! Not AGAIN!! It [the butter] melted!” Then he promptly burst into tears.  Sometimes being 3 is just tough!


 – One little monkey volunteered to go to bed early after battling a fever all afternoon. The rest of us decided to take advantage of the moment and have a game night (it’s a different experience without someone throwing pieces, eating cards, and so on). We’ve had a good time. Well, except for when a winner is declared. The wails, protests, and literal TEARS that erupt from those that don’t like losing prove that there is a serious competitive streak that runs in this family’s male blood. That’s all I’m sayin’……

– Stitch (yelling from the bathroom): Oh, noooooooo! Not AGAIN!

Me: What is it?

Stitch: I fell in the toilet agaaaaaaain and my bottom got ALL wet! It’s NOT a funny joke!

First of all…..”again?????” Just how many times has this happened?!

One thing I am certain of is that, no, it’s not a funny joke, but it’s easier to find the humor when my amazing hubby took clean up duty!

– Moments like this are one of the many that I treasure.


– Asking the boys to turn down the volume is like trying to stop volcano from erupting. I’ll miss it someday… but I’m drowning in lava over here tonight!

– Keeping it real with you… this morning I’ve felt tired, overwhelmed, and just discouraged. I’m thankful for the good friends that listened to my little whiny meltdowns and then lovingly reminded me of my blessings. Thanks for helping me look on the bright side!

– One friend dropped off a latte for me and goodies for the boys yesterday. Another friend surprised us with donuts and an encouraging note this morning. We are truly blessed with some of the sweetest friends a family could have! Thank you, ladies, for loving us on us this week!

– It is snowing outside which prompted Stitch to immediately break into song, “Jingle Bells, jingles all the way! HEY! Jingle bells, jingle bells, I hope it’s going to snow, HEY! Jingle bells…” I have a feeling that we’re going to hear a lot of that song this winter…

– The Thanksgiving story as told by Stitch: There were the pirates….

Me: No, the pilgrims.

H: NOOOOO… Pirates! Pilgrims don’t live in boats. Pirates do.


– Just one more reason why I can’t let him out of my sight longer than 2 seconds (yes, he did this by himself)!

10714336_406207239530437_6078400542086472685_o.jpg d

– I had the privilege last night of meeting my nephew! He is beautiful!

– HIIIII-YA! We made gingerbread ninjas tonight (yay for finding a box kit at Aldi today)! They were tough little dudes, but were no match for three boys!


– Blow drying my hair has turned into a risky and some what terrifying experience. It’s impossible to know if it’s just because the noise of the machine that I can’t hear the boys or if they’re up to something. Silence isn’t always golden….

– Me: I really can’t stay (baby, it’s cold outside), I’ve got to go ‘way (baby, it’s cold outside), I got- Spock: But WHY would you want to go away if it’s cold outside? If it’s cold outside you should want to stay in. This song doesn’t make sense.

– Today Stitch told me that Jack-Jack is his best friend. They may fight a lot, but it was such a sweet statement for a good big brother to make about his little shadow!

– Best part of my day? Turning around and seeing my sister standing there unexpectedly!  What a fantastic surprise!

– It was the eerie silence followed by the gleeful, devilish laugh of a certain (almost) 2 year old that made me suspect he might be doing something he ought not. There are times I really hate being right. Let’s just say I’m glad the toilet was about as clean as a toilet can be….

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