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Music of the Night

If you’ve been reading my blog, you might recall that “The Phantom of the Opera” holds sentimental significance for us.  (If not, you can find out why here.)

When we were dating, Eric took us to see it at beautiful theater with a grand interior.  It was my first time to see it live and I fell in love with it (and Eric) even more.

*I have a digital copy of a picture of us from that night that I cannot currently access.  I’ll add it in the near future. :)

It has been nine years since the tour came through and we contemplated going again.  Ticket prices have changed quite a bit and there were other (fun) things we would rather do with the money since we had already experienced the show.  However, that’s no reason not to have a date night, right?

I started secretly planning a special night of surprises for Eric.

My in-laws lovingly agreed to take ALL of the boys for the night (a brave feat, indeed). That was surprise number one.

I spent the hour before he came home getting dolled up (buh-bye, yoga pants).  It was refreshing to get ready without having to rush or stopping a hundred time to go investigate what the boys were doing.  I actually bothered putting on eye liner (my sister, Kelsey, would be proud.)  Getting all “purty” was surprise number two.

Eric’s HUGE smile when he came home and discovered that we had the night to ourselves was the best.


When it comes to food, Eric can never turn down a good steak.  So we headed to a local steak joint that we had not yet visited and enjoyed a meal together.  Surprise number three! I didn’t have to get up once (and, believe me, THAT is a treat)!  (Can I get an “amen,” fellow moms?)

Because we are very grown up and mature, we went to a specialty toy store after dinner.  It was a blast.  H has a birthday coming up and we bought him a stomp rocket.  Eric can’t wait to help H learn to use it (haha).

We headed home and settled down to watch “The Phantom of the Opera” together. When you can’t go to the theater, you just bring the theater to you!  That was the final surprise.  I thought our seats and the view were first-rate! ;)


We had a great evening and then experienced the rare treat of sleeping-in the next morning.  I didn’t know I was even capable of sleeping until 7:30 anymore and Eric made it an hour longer than myself.

Sometimes the best dates are the least extravagant and, ultimately, our favorite!

A big “thank you” to our parents for giving of your time, energy, and sleep to help make our night possible!  

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