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Kitchen Remodel – Phase One

I have been so excited to show you the results of my latest house project!  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately (and, thankfully, not because I’ve been cooking)!

Though there was nothing wrong with the kitchen as it was, but I wanted to make it more “us.”  We have many plans for our kitchen but, since I love to DIY, we’re taking it one step at a time.

If you have been reading this blog, then you won’t be surprised to know that a transformation would require some paint.

Here is the kitchen as it was shortly after we moved in.  You can also check out this post to see more pictures of the kitchen and house.


I love white cabinets.  Binge watching Joanna Gaine’s kitchen transformations on “Fixer Upper” only fueled my adoration.

If at all possible, I wanted to avoid tedious prep work so I decided that chalk paint would be the solution.  I had pained furniture with it in the past and was impressed with the fact that you do not have to sand or prime.  The only thing I did to prep the cabinets was to wipe them down with soapy water.

Chalk paint can be pricey and I’m a girl on a budget.  I found a company, BB Frosch, online that sells chalk paint powder.  You can mix the powder into a latex paint of your choice!  This allows for a broader spectrum of color choices and is much more affordable.

Chalk paint powder is extremely easy to mix up and a little bit goes a long way!

When I used chalk paint in the past, I did not have to use more than two coats.  The cabinets required four coats but I believe that is because I was using white (Home Depot matched Benjamin Moore White Dove for me).  This was after one coat.


To protect the paint, I coated the cabinets with Polycrylic.  Most people protect chalk paint with a wax.  I have done so in the past, but wanted to try something else for this project to see what kind of protection it will offer since the cabinets are going to get a lot of daily use.


While the doors where down, I changed the look of the hardware with a little spray paint (be sure to spray with a protective cover if you ever do this or they will show wear and tear with time).


It ended up being a big job, but it was worth it! So, without further ado, TA-DA!


You probably noticed that the kitchen island is untouched and that on purpose…. but you’ll have to wait until phase two to find out why!

Thanks for stopping by today, friend!

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