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Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things – Chapter 4

I took Jack-Jack the doctor for his well appointment.  The doctor was testing his vocabulary and asked if he could identify the pictures on the wall.  “What’s that,” he asked.  “AIRPLANE!”  The doctor pointed to a white cloud and asked what it was.  “POPCORN,” hollered Jack-Jack!

Stitch loves wearing his Batman mask everywhere and he wore it to Jack-Jack’s doctor appointment.  The resident came in first and, when he was done, went to get the doctor.  Our doctor walked in shortly after and told me, “I asked if there were three rowdy boys in the room and the resident said, ‘Well, there are two rowdy boys and Batman!'”

Jack-Jack and I were cuddling after he had taken a fall.  “Are you going to be okay,” I asked as he started to settle down.  He thrust his finger up his snotty nose and nodded.  “Go wipe your hand off,” I instructed.  He promptly wiped it in my hair.  I need to learn to be more specific in giving instructions!

Spock recently began trying to argue why boys are better than girls. “Boys can play sports and girls can’t.” He kept coming up with ridiculous scenarios. I kept dismembering his arguments and emphasizing that neither gender is better than the other. He wasn’t going to hear it.“WELL, Boys know EVERYTHING and girls DON’T.” “Spock no one knows everything except God,” I replied. Without missing a beat he triumphantly replied, “God knows everything and He is a BOY. I win.” If this is what it is like to argue with him when he’s six, Lord help us when he’s sixteen!

Spock and Stitch had a friend stay over recently. It’s been awhile so I didn’t mind when we continued to hear their voices talking and laughing as the clock crept closer to 11.  Curiosity got the better of me, though, and I had to find out what three little boys find to talk about for two hours. “We’re been talking about when we were little,” said Spock. Ahhhh. Reminiscing on yesteryears….when you’re 6 and 4!

Stitch and Jack-Jack recently gave each other haircuts.  Jack-Jack’s was the worst in that he had a bald spot on the top of his head.  After trying to remedy it, I eventually gave up and buzzed it all off (that is also when I breathed a prayer of thankfulness that he is not a girl).  ” Jack-Jack, where did your hair go,” I asked him later.  He said, “I don’t know!  I LOST it!”

Spock was presented with the chance to be a zoo keeper for a day.  He was interested until he found out that part of the job required scooping poop.  “I’m not scooping POOP!” I told him that he might want to get used to the idea if he ever wanted to be a farmer (something he has considered).  “No, I’m going to be a scientist,” he said.  “Well,” I countered, “if you are a scientist that works with animals then it is possible you may have to deal with poop.”  He thought about that for a minute before replying, “Nope, not me.  I’m going to be an archaeologist!”

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