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Kids Say and Do The Darndest Things – Chapter 3


It seems like, even if there is only a hint of the sun in the sky, Wyatt and Hudson wake up and let me know that “the sun is in my window!” Dark curtains haven’t helped because looking out their window is the first thing they do. It may be time to resort to my mother-in-law’s brilliant idea: Taping black paper to the window and decorating it with stars and a moon so that it’s always night in their window. Maybe they’ll sleep past 6 am?!

We were looking at a picture and I told Spock that the image was called a “Jack-in-the-box.” He looked confused. “What about just calling it a clown in the box?'”

Some friends of ours gave Stitch a Darth Vader jacket that has a mask attached to the hood.  He absolutely loves wearing it even thought he really has no idea who Darth Vader is since he hasn’t watched the movies.  Whatever you do just don’t ask him what Darth Vader says.  He’ll get very mad and tell you, “Darth Vader can’t TALK! He doesn’t have a MOUTH!”


The boys were really looking forward to enjoying some cheesecake after my Grandpa and Kay’s wedding recently. They were longingly looking at it to the point that I knew the temptation was getting to be a bit much.  I asked Spock to step away from the table and told him that he would have to wait until after the wedding.  Frustrated he replied, “Well, what’s the big deal about a wedding, ANYWAY?!”  A wedding vs. a cheesecake….well, I guess when you’re six there is only one real winner!

We were outside the other evening and Jack-Jack pointed up at the moon and yelled, “The MOON!  I CATCH it!”  He strained and reached with all of his two year old might.  After giving his best effort he told us, “I can’t catch the moon.  I catch the CLOUDS!”

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