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Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things – Chapter 2

*Please note: With an awareness of my family’s safety and privacy, I do not refer to our children by name on this public blog or its Facebook page. They are being referred as Spock, Stitch, and Jack-Jack (listed by birth order from oldest to youngest). Though I may post pictures, I intentionally keep their faces hidden.  Family and friends, please help me keep their privacy by refraining from using their real names in comments. Thank you for understanding!

I was wearing opaque black tights and a dress. I guess it’s a pretty rare sight because Spock looked at me quizzically and asked, “Why are your legs black??”

We were singing “Jesus Loves Me” (a part of our bedtime routine). I always change the last bit to, “Yes, Jesus loves Spock. Yes, Jesus Loves Stitch. Yes, Jesus loves Jack-Jack, the Bible tells me so.” Stitch informed me that I’ve been doing it all wrong. “It’s like this, Mommy. Yes, Jesus loves Spock. Yes, Jesus loves Stitch. Yes, Jesus loves Jack-Jack, and Mommy and Daddy. The End.”

Spock needs to work on articulating some words. He keeps calling vowels the “bowels.”

The boys were in the bathtub and I had just finished washing their hair.  All of a sudden, Spock yelled,  “Look, Stitch!  Right THERE!  STITCH, your hair is turning white!” I had to chuckle when I realized that what Spock was really seeing was a white scalp.

The two older boys stayed the night with my mom recently.  She read a few books with them, one of which was a detective story that included a ghostly shadow.  Afterwards, the boys settled down in their sleeping bags in the living room and mom went to her bedroom. It wasn’t long before she heard Stitch screaming in utter terror.  She ran in to find him in a corner pointing to a “ghost” that was a shadow on the wall from the moon shining through the window.  Once Mom calmed him down a bit, she took a hold of his hand and led him to her room.  He followed, clinging her hand, and singing a song based on a Bible verse: “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.” No more ghost stories before bed! ;)

Spock and Stitch were playing in sleeping bags recently.  The game?  “Let’s be WORMS!” Boys.

Stitch managed to sneak some jelly beans into bed.  He refers to them as “green beans.” Well, as long as they are green….

“Boys, do you want a bagel?’  Jack-Jack enthusiatically responded with a “YAY” and then began singing “BINGO was his name-o!”  Bagel/Bingo, a simple misunderstanding.  If he was that excited over a song, you should have seen him when he was handed the bagel!

Spock and Stitch were  getting really wound up so I told them we were going to play the “mummy game.”  It’s a game loved by all mothers in which the children are tucked into bed and then challenged to see who can lay being the most still and quiet.  Just when I was inwardly congratulating myself for being so clever, Mummy Spock popped up and said, “Actually, mummy’s walk like this” and walked across the bed with arms extended in front of him.  Of course, giggles then erupted everywhere!

We went bowling and, unlike the older boys, we encouraged/demanded Jack-Jack to use the bowling ball ramp.  He wants to do everything like his big brothers though.  You know what they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  We would help him put the bowling ball on the ramp and then chuckle when he would stick a finger in the hole of the bowling ball before pushing it down (as if to prove that he most certainly can bowl like a big kid)!

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