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Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things – Chapter 1

Here are a few of the funny things the kids have said and done this past month!  Have a happy Friday full of laughter!


~ H subtly let us know what he thought about the dinner selection when he prayed, “Thank You for me being sick [he wasn’t] so I not have to eat dinner.”

~ W put his toy fish around the fish tank so that Trickster, the beta, would have a family.


~ I was on the phone (aka: the boys will desperately require my attention in some capacity) when I found W and H doing something they knew they ought not do.  I sent them to their rooms and instructed them to sit on their beds until I came to address the situation (da-da-DUM).  They knew it would not be pleasant.  Once the call was over, I opened the door to the boys bedroom and found the little angels sitting peacefully on their beds with the most innocent of expressions.  Before I could say anything, W sweetly said, “Mommy, guess what, I’m telling H about Jesus.”  It was a nice (but failed) attempt at avoiding correction!

~ You never know what kids are picking up on.  H was in his Sunday school class and, when the teacher asked if anyone wanted to pray, H volunteered.  “Jesus died for our sins according to the Scriptures.  Amen!”  He was reciting W’s Awana verse from the previous week!  So cute and funny!

~ Speaking of Awana verses… we were on our way to Awana recently and W was practicing his verse (mentioned in the paragraph above).  Hudson made the statement, “Willy Wonka died.”  W replied, “Willy Wonka isn’t even real!  That’s why there is a song about the imaginations!”

~ It’s the moment you turn around to see that your two oldest boys are in the middle of an epic light saber battle… stark. naked.  WHY?!?!

~ W was talking about how I have a birthday coming up.  “Your birthday is something you celebrate because we all get together.  It’s so special… even though you’re old, old, OLD!”

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