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Jehovah Shammah - The Lord is There

There is a personal story I want to share with you. It’s one I kept hidden away in a box of fear and shame. It's a story of a dark wilderness place and the One who met me even there. As I’ve prayed about sharing this story with you over the last several months, I started a devotional by Rebekah Lyons. In it she wrote something that confirmed the call to share, “I began to share my story with close friends. As I shared my story, women responded, seeming to feel permission to share about their struggles. I caught a glimpse of God waking others to His desire to and ability to meet them in their places of need. And I realized, this wasn’t my story of struggle, it was His story of rescue.” Her words helped me understand the importance of sharing and to practice the courage to do it without shame. I pray that you will be able to see my heart – to make much of God and, hopefully, to encourage and help others who need to read these words and know they are not alone.

Note: Suicide/suicidal thoughts/awareness is a topic that, I believe, is vital to begin better addressing within the Church and with fellow Believers. Though I recognize not everyone will agree, my hope is that our response to one another in the dialogue will reflect the character of the One we love. My prayer is that we will consider how acknowledging and discussing this issue openly may help us better make much of God, encourage others, and support one another.

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