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It Doesn't Look Like the Movies

A simple moment. A service unseen by most. Those are the acts that often make the greatest impact.

Eric took the responsibility of helping our oldest with his math this year. If numbers were oil then my brain would be water. Not being the one to carry the responsibility of teaching and helping with math for our oldest student has made it easier to sleep at night.

Eric would say it's not a big deal, but it is to me. He's spent many an evening after a long day at work helping our son understand a world of numbers even though it wasn't required. Eric saw a need and rose to the occasion.

Like any couple, we have messy relationship stuff we are working on and it's often hard to see beyond the struggle. But tonight, as dinner was being prepared, I looked over at our kitchen table and saw a love that looks different than the movies. It wasn't flashy and there wasn't theme music playing in the background. There was no script of words that might sweep a girl off her feet. No, but it caused my heart to stop in wonder. It was beautiful because of Who was being reflected as my husband invested in our son and gave of his time for me.

When we understand that if all we do is done in love (1 Cor. 16:14), then we are motivated by a Purpose far greater than ourselves. Every day is saturated in opportunities to love others as Christ loved us. We don't need a fancy set to love well.

We are given a million simple moments. We can choose to serve even when most will never know the sacrifice. Those are the acts that often make the greatest impact. Real love isn't flashy and self-gratifying. It doesn't come with recognition, applause, or trophies to collect on a shelf. In fact, true love isn't about us at all but it does point us to the One who is - Jesus.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12

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