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I Have a Little Spider and I’m Very Fond of Him

*Please note: With an awareness of my family’s safety and privacy, I do not refer to our children by name on this public blog or its Facebook page. They are being referred as Spock, Stitch, and Jack-Jack (listed by birth order from oldest to youngest). Though I may post pictures, I intentionally keep their faces hidden.  Family and friends, please help me keep their privacy by refraining from using their real names in comments. Thank you for understanding!

Spiders!  I LOATHE them. The reason I wasn’t Noah’s wife was because any and all spiders would have been thrown off the ark (and that’s a fact).

Eric recently came up with a rather devious plan.

“Let’s get some of those fake spider webs and hang them in front of the boys door while they sleep,” he suggested.  What started as a “little” spider web, may have gotten out of control because it wasn’t long before the length of our hallway was covered!


Neither of us slept well that night because we were so anxious to see what the boys reaction would be upon opening the door.  We woke up the next morning to a conversation they were having together on the bed closest to the door.

Spock: I don’t know if it’s real.  I don’t think a spider could make that much in one night!

Stitch:  No, it’s real!  There’s a spider!

Spock:  Mom, Dad, Are you joking me?

Regardless of the web’s authenticity, neither boy was going anywhere!

It doesn’t seem to matter how late they stay up, our kids are early risers.  We’ve been trying to teach them to stay in their room (quietly) until a certain time in the morning.  Apparently it wasn’t as complicated as we were making it out to be considering that a one dollar package of fake spider web did the trick!


We finally convinced Spock to come out and examine the web closely.  He soon eyed a plastic spider hanging down and, upon flicking it with his finger, triumphantly declared, “It’s NOT real!”

Stitch sat in the doorway for quite awhile before deciding that he could be a “rigget” (frog) and hop underneath the web unscathed.  Jack-Jack was effective in helping tear down webbing that was within his reach.

Eric’s idea probably gave the boys a fun memory that will last years to come. And who could have guessed that hanging it together would give us a fun “date” night to boot?  Too bad that I couldn’t convince him that it would be just as fun to clean it up! HA!

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