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Homeschooling with Younger Siblings at Home

When you read my post about homschooling, maybe you wondered what the younger boys did while Spock is in school.

It’s a fair question.  You may have noticed in the picture of our school space, that we have two desks set up for the two older kids (we’re looking for a third addition).  We’re pretty sure that Stitch suffers from middle child syndrome (haha… no, seriously), so we do our best to include him in Spock’s activities as much as possible.

Stitch attended a nearby preschool two mornings a week.  That time proved to be the most efficient time for Spock and I to get a lot of work done.  When Stitch was home, I made sure to have plenty of activities available for him (coloring, worksheets, practicing cutting, etc). Anything that made him feel like he was a part of our school.  Sometimes he did it and other times he would just play nearby.


Jack-Jack spent a good part of our school year under the age of two, so his case was different.

I tried entertaining him with coloring, play-dough and such, but it only held his attention for short periods of time.


I think a few pictures will be more effective than words in showing what he ended up doing most of the time.




He was obviously having a ball during our school hours!  HA! I’m hoping next year will be better (even though he will still be 2 when the school year begins) and that I will have more success in getting him involved.  If you homeschool, how do you involve your younger children (especially toddlers)?

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