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Hello, Autumn


It’s that time of year when, and it almost seems overnight, one suddenly realizes that summer has made its abrupt exit. It just feels like fall as you take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors (to to mention the long-awaited arrival of all things pumpkin).

We loved being outside with the boys a lot over the summer.  Bike rides, hiking, fishing, and camping were some of our favorite activities. We are hoping to squeeze in one more family camping trip before the cooler air sets in permanently.

The boys are having a lot of fun raking up piles of leaves that are beginning to cover the yard to jump in.  Eric mulched quite a few of them but left a nice pile under a tree for the boys.  They were playing outside in them when the boys told me to come see the snake they found.  They have many rubber snakes and bugs and are always attempting to scare me, but the boys weren’t kidding that time!

We are in the midst of the new school year with a third grader, first grader, and preschooler. It’s an added learning curve for me as I balance the challenges of wearing both mom and teacher hats as our school load increases. Thankfully, there is grace to be found in the journey! God’s provision in supplying for our needs through materials, community, opportunities, and support has been a comforting assurance to stay the course that He has directed for our family at this time.

To begin the new season, our oldest (who we call “Spock” on this blog) had a dental accident. If you remember, he was sick for quite awhile last summer.  Then, this summer, he broke his wrist after he stepped backwards off of a trampoline (to his disappointment, he “wasn’t even doing something cool like a flip”).  The irony of all this happening to our oldest is that he, out of the three boys, is the last we would have foreseen with broken bones, etc.! Once again, he was annoyed that he wasn’t doing something “awesome.” He accidentally kissed the floor while crawling across it to maneuver some army men. God continues to show His love and provision to us through it all. I had failed to find the boys a dentist yet, and we were looking at a big, chipped front tooth on weekend. A mutual friend connected us with a wonderful dentist who met us in his office to seal the tooth at 10 PM that night!Hopefully, the rest of our fall will be a little less painful (especially for Spock)!

As for the blog, though it has been neglected lately (something had to give in the midst of adjusting to the new “normal” of our fall schedule), new posts are in the works! I look forward to sharing more of my heart and what God is doing in it with you!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this beautiful evening with family and talk about what we are looking forward to most this fall: pumpkin patches, jackets, crisp air, bonfires, colored leaves, and school adventures! Oh, and for this mama, coffee… lots and lots of warm coffee!

Enjoy this season and new month, friends!


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