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He’s Four

*Please note: With an awareness of my family’s safety and privacy, I do not refer to our children by name on this public blog or its Facebook page. They are being referred as Spock, Stitch, and Jack-Jack (listed by birth order from oldest to youngest). Though I may post pictures, I intentionally keep their faces hidden.  Family and friends, please help me keep their privacy by refraining from using their real names in comments. Thank you for understanding!

Last weekend was a big one because we celebrated the FOUR years that we’ve had with our second son, Stitch.  I suppose that I’ll say this on every one of my children’s birthdays, but it seems like yesterday that he was born and small enough to be swaddled and carried in my arms.


We prayed and waited for his arrival.  By the end of the pregnancy I was huge (looking back at the pictures I can understand why so many people asked if I was expecting twins). I was swollen with fluid to the point that the doctor could not feel the baby’s position by pressing on my stomach and it literally hurt to walk.

I did not want to be induced and remember how upset I was the day the doctor called and told me that he was putting his foot down because it was no longer safe to keep waiting for me to go into labor on my own.  Oh, the tears I cried (those horror stories that people like to tell you when you’re expecting truly are not helpful).

We dropped Spock off at my parents house that evening and I spent the night tossing and turning as I watched the clock.  We woke up early that April morning to a downpour of rain and the rumble of thunder.

We were drenched by the time we ran (well, I waddled) from our car to the hospital entrance.  Eric had to change clothes as the nurses prepped me for the day.

Labor began swiftly for me and, as the pain intensified, so did my desire to see our new baby.  On April 19th, he was born and our family forever changed for the better.


He is no longer a baby, but a little boy.

He is always quick to give hugs, kisses, and cuddles.  His laughter is contagious.  His silliness is endless.

We love you “thiiiiiiiiiis” much…..always and forever!

Happy fourth birthday!


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