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From Here to There


Everyone has a story to tell and no story is exactly the same.  As much as I love to write about mine, the stories of other women fascinate me. The tales of hardship,overcoming, and hope are the ones that capture my attention the most.

I recently heard stories of incredible women.  Women who have been rescued from sex slavery and who have been in poverty. Women who are raising handicapped children alone. Women who are living in war-torn countries and others who have HIV/AIDS and leprosy.

Though our stories are different, we have something in common. We love our families.  We dream big and work hard to provide for them. We hope.

My heart is drawn towards these women.  I have a Great Hope within me that I love to share, but Jesus also talked about meeting physical needs.  The ability to help the women I heard about seemed like a distant “someday” until my mom introduced me to a company called “Trades of Hope.”


Trades of Hope was created to give women the tools and means for a better life. It “helps market their skills and  handcrafted products through the home party model, so they can put food on their table, a roof over their head, get medical care and an education for their children.”

Now, I have never, ever, EV-ER (seriously, ya’ll.. never, ever!) been remotely interested in selling things!  “That is not my thing!”

Trades of Hope is different to me.  The mission mirrored my heart. Trades of Hope gives me the ability to support, impact, and partner with other women from where I am during this season of life! It is an opportunity for me to buy and sell with a purpose that goes far beyond the product.

I did something crazy (for me).  I signed up to be a CE (Compassionate Entrepreneur) for Trades of Hope! This is where I get really nervous and am pushed way outside my comfort zone.  These women rely on my help to bring in their income, but my success in doing so relies on others.  I need people, who share this same passion for helping give women opportunity, to support me in this endeavor.

  1. I need people to tell others about Trades of Hope. Please share this post!

  2. I need you to like my Facebook page here.

  3. I need you to purchase the handcrafted products, sign up to host a party, or join me in this adventure by becoming a CE yourself.

Everyone has a story to tell and no story is exactly the same.  I am thrilled to merge my story with women who overcome.  Please consider how you might be a part of their story too!

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