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Free Fall

Free fall – I think that term best describes the state that our family is in now.  We are in a time of transitional waiting and it’s been kind of crazy.

Our house here is for sale and, to date, we have had no offers.  However, we are thankful for the many who have looked.

A few weekends ago, we made a trip to house hunt in the new area.  It was hard because it is unfamiliar territory.  Basically, we learned where we don’t want to live on that trip.  We came home feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.

Eric begins working at his new job on November 30th (a month earlier than originally planned but a needed blessing due to the situation of his previous workplace).  He will be headed to our new location this weekend and will stay in a hotel for awhile until our next step is decided.

Our family is going to be separated until our living situation is ironed out.  We don’t know how long we will be living in separate states and, to me, that’s the hardest part.

I am trying to keep perspective for there are many going through situations that are much more challenging than our own.  Still, this is not easy.

I have struggled with the fact that this is out of my hands.  I have struggled with trusting God’s plan and timing (for it is certainly not my own).  We are confident that this move is what we are supposed to do and everything was falling into place so nicely.  I don’t know why the bump in the road took me by surprise.

Over the summer, I did a Bible study with a group of ladies and what stood out to me the most was the story of Abraham.  God called him to go to the unknown and he went.  He had a “here I am” attitude and faith to step forward.  During the study I kept praying that God would give me that sort of faith.  I don’t know if I really meant that now – ha!  My faith is small.  Growing in my faith and trust in God doesn’t just happen.  He gives us opportunities to learn and be stretched (and sometimes it’s scary).

There are only two choices: I can choose to trust God or… not.  I am choosing to trust Him.  He has always been faithful and has already answered so many of our prayers.

For now we will wait.  It may feel like a free fall but this will not end in catastrophe.  There is much to look forward to ahead!

Every story that I can tell you about my life has a “but God” moment.  I’m waiting for that moment in this story.  Our house hasn’t sold, we don’t know where we are going to live, and we don’t know when we will be together as a family again… but GOD.  God WILL sell this house, provide us a new home, and work out all the messy details.  It will just be in His time, not mine.

I opened my Bible to Ephesians recently and, in the margin, something I had once written caught my eye, “Peace is not an emotion, but a promise from God”(unsure of who I was quoting).  It was a good reminder to me that I can rest in God’s promises.  His faithfulness to us is certain.

I can wait and worry.  Or, I can wait in peace (which does not come naturally). My dear friend, Lyndsey, encouraged me to follow her example and begin writing down the things I am thankful for each day in a notebook.  It has helped me stay positive.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am going to continue counting my blessings.  God has given me MUCH to thank Him for each day because He is good ALL the time.

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