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If you follow me on Facebook and watched my live video about “stop sign” verses, then you know that one of our children has been sick.

Eric and I want to express our appreciation to those of you that have prayed for him and us.  He is still not himself, but we are seeing slight improvement. Despite various testing, the best explanation that the doctor can offer us at this time is that some sort of wicked virus is the cause.  For now, we continue to observe and pray for wisdom concerning future decisions for him.

In the past few weeks, we went to multiple appointments, fulfilled daily responsibilities, battled exhaustion and fear, and cared for our ill child while attempting to keep the other two entertained (although they have proved to be more than capable to do that themselves… especially when they have access to stamp ink, ha).


Oh, how  I have experienced the beauty of relationship these past few weeks!

We shared the situation with our neighbors, friends, and church.  They sent messages, provided treats for the kids, helped babysit during appointments, listened, encouraged, and prayed.  There has not been a single day that someone did not reach out.

There is a bond that goes beyond blood.  We have discovered that family will always be nearby – God’s family.  We care for, laugh, cry, celebrate, and walk with one another.  I am so thankful to be a part of this support system of “one anothers!”

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