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Every Child is an Artist

Despite our encouragement, Super W has never been one to want to color or draw. Perhaps part of his disinterest is that he tends to be a perfectionist.  If he does not believe he will get something just “right,” his desire to try is next to none.  “We don’t say ‘I can’t,’ we say ‘I will try,'” is a motto we’ve been preaching to him for years.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Super W  was going through my scrap paper like a wild man – covering the sheets with (*gasp) pictures.  I found a notebook in a closet and gave it to him so that he could easily keep his drawings in one place.  During his free time lately, all Super W seems to do is draw.

big cup'o crayons

Yesterday I noticed that he is almost done filling the pages of the notebook.  Since I’m extremely sentimental, I know that I will want to keep it so that we can look back on it in the future.  Page by page, we went through the book and labeled each piece of art so that we will always be able to know what he created.

Now I realize that, compared to some kids, this may not be overly impressive.  Maybe I’m just too bias.  You know what they say, though, “every child is an artist.”  To me, these pictures are incredible masterpieces!  Some of my most favorite pieces of artwork that hang in our home are pieces that the kids created.  Each page revealed who my son is and what he thinks about and finds interesting.  More so, it is evidence that he is developing and expanding his hobbies.

Here are some of my favorite drawings:




“Mickey Mouse”


“A Crab and Birds”


“A Snowman”



He crossed out the ones that he didn’t like and circled the ones that he did.  For months, Super W wouldn’t attempt making a heart so finding this page was a big deal!


“Super W, the Knight, and a Horrible Dragon”


“Hunting His First Turkey for Thanksgiving” 

I am so proud of my son for trying and discovering something new.  When the time comes for him to move onto a fresh blank notebook, his first one is going to be stored safely away with other treasured items.

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