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End of School Celebration

We made it! Spock completed Kindergarten a few weeks ago!  I wanted to throw him a little celebration so that he could have the opportunity to show our family what he did this year.

On a table display, there was his completed kindergarten binder, some artwork, and a few “fun facts” about our year.  My favorite fun fact was that he read over 300 books this year! We love to read and our curriculum had SO many good suggestions for each week that I may have gone a little crazy! ;)


It was so much good to see Spock’s enthusiasm in sharing his work with our family.  He was especially excited to show off the book he wrote this year.  I was inspired to give him a writing assignment after hearing about the Young Author’s Contest (and, obviously, his mother loves writing so this was a must). He is definitely a math and science person, but he did a great job writing and illustrating his story and it was entertaining to see his personality coming out as he dictated the story to me.  It is something that will be a treasure (at least for me) as we go back and read his stories from each year.

Congratulations, Spock, on working so hard this year!  You did it!


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