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Don’t Think So Much of Me

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Don’t think so much of me. There is so much you don’t see…

Sometimes we need a reality check. Or, maybe I should say, we need to give one. Most of us are guilty of looking at others and playing the comparison game. Please don’t do that with me or our family and walk away feeling less than. Perception can deceive.

Eric and I were once at odds while with a group of friends, and I was sure everyone could tell. We weren’t trying to be deceptive, but it wasn’t the place to hash things out with each other so we pushed through the outing as best we could. It shocked me when a friend later commented on how happy we had looked together – if only she had known!

There are also times we might deliberately create an illusion of perfection with observers. God consistently convicts me of this – particularly in the realm of social media.

It is important to me, especially in this space, to be genuine. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be invited into the details of my mayhem. Wisdom requires discretion in choosing who to share with and how deep to go, but I don’t want you to leave thinking more of me than you ought.

Sit here knowing that I am a mess under constant God-construction. I hope that knowledge makes this a safe space for you. We can’t adequately help, encourage, and comfort one another until we’re willing to admit that “needing Jesus” is more than a churchy saying – it’s a daily reality.

I saw a meme recently with the caption, “I’m a hot mess and I like it.” It made me chuckle because that’s easier to admit than it is to build illusions. Self-built towers of greatness steal glory from God and diminish opportunities share the Good News and minister well to others in need. (He doesn’t pass out superhero capes for a reason – He is the hero.)

When you are invited to see my weaknesses, you are gifted an opportunity to see God’s grace and power on display (2 Cor. 12:9-10). I am not an amazing or strong person, but I do belong to an incredible God who loves, forgives, and is at work.

When you leave this space, don’t think so much of me.

Think much of Him.

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