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Don't Be a Stick

Christmas is full of hope because Jesus came to be the Vine. We are branches that only bear fruit while attached to Jesus. Take some time to read John 15:1-8 and count how many times you see the word "remain." Repetitive words are fun to notice because they're like little signs that read "In case you missed it the first time!"

Jesus came so that we would have life that is vibrant and growing. The only way we can truly experience that is to remain attached to him. We don't want to become dry and brittle like a stick on the ground that is only good for kindling.

If you're struggling to daily connect with Jesus, you're not alone. But you don't have to wait until the new year to begin a new habit. Start today! Set a reminder on your phone and be intentional to make time for the one who loves you and wants you to remain in his love.

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