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DIY Fireplace Remodel


Over the summer, Eric began laying wood-look tile in the living room to replace white carpet. Can you imagine having three boys who love the outdoors, a dog, and white carpet? I constantly found myself talking about the floor.

“Take your shoes off!”  “Ugh, the dog tracked muddy prints through!”  “You can’t leave your snow shoes on the carpet!  It’s getting all wet!”  We believe in teaching our kids to take care of all that we have, but it was getting ridiculous.  We live in our home and I didn’t want to spend so much time harping about the floor.  We wanted to replace the flooring with something durable and kid-friendly, so we began laying wood-like tile down (best remodel decision we’ve made yet).  The transformation was amazing!

If you’ve ever done projects around the house, then you know that one project usually leads to another.  Laying new flooring down led us to thinking about a new look for the fireplace.  So, one night, Eric took the mantle down and we began contemplating what we wanted to do.

Here is what we our living room looked like when we first moved in…


I started dreaming up what the space could look like because, after the mantle was gone, it was quite the eyesore!


I really wanted this project to be “mine,” and to go further than I ever have with DIY projects (which basically involves anything more than a paintbrush, ha).  So, with Eric giving advice here and there, I set to work.

The first thing I did was buy fence planks and cut them to size. I decided on fence planks because I wanted the texture and added dimension to the wall. Once they were cut, I went to town with the nail gun!


After the boards were primed and painted, I began working on the mantle.  I found this tutorial and simply followed the directions.  It is basically a big, floating shelf that cost us approximately $25!


I couldn’t be more excited with the final outcome and how it completely changed the room!  It was exactly what I had in mind while dreaming of possibilities!


I don’t have the creativeness or vision to be another Joanna Gaines so, with nail gun and level in hand, I’ll just settle on being a version of Chip Gaines! :)

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