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Dear New Momma (Letter Two)

Take a moment to read letter one!

Dear New Momma,

You have spent the past several months living in the anticipation of watching your belly grow and wondering about the mysterious life within you. Maybe you are excited or terrified; perhaps you feel a mixture of both emotions. Regardless, the glorious day will come when you welcome your baby into the world.

There are many opinions on how to prepare for and raise your baby. There are countless decisions to be made now and from here on out as a parent. It’s really quite comical how we worry, stress, and even debate over these issues.

Hospital or home delivery?  Pain medications during labor or an all natural delivery? Breast or bottle feed?  Cloth or disposable diapers?  Maintain a schedule or feed on demand?  All organic baby food or not? Vaccinate or not?

Take a walk through a baby store.  It is stocked full of things we just “have” to possess to properly raise a baby!  With all of the modern conveniences and luxuries at our eager fingertips, it’s a wonder mother’s managed at all “way back when.”  Maybe that’s the point I’m trying to make, though.  Those mothers did make it and their babies thrived.

You will soon hold your baby in your arms – a baby given to you by God to care for, protect, nurture, teach, and love. You will do all you can to provide the best material items, opportunities, and environments.  Don’t stress too much.  Realize that you are extremely blessed to have so many choices to make and to be able to enjoy modern day comforts unlike many in our world.

Though the many decisions you will make for you child ought not be discredited, remember this, there is only one thing that truly matters when it’s all said and done…

To be continued…

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